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I was really shooting to finish this plane in a month however my other life responsibilities (work) have a way of taking a lot of time. The next thing to do here is mount the wing to the fuse, then mount the stab and fin. At that point I plan on building the floats and figuring out the mechanics of the water rudder, tie that in to the flying rudder. Once ALL of that is done I will be able to button up the top and bottom sheeting add the dorsal fin and start the finishing process. Whew!

I had a couple of hours to work Sunday night; so here is what I was able to get done.
Name: 1.jpg
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Size: 91.2 KB
Description: Masking tape off of wing glass and a light sanding with 80 grit.  I had to remove a couple of bubbles in the glassName: 2.jpg
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Size: 101.7 KB
Description: Next is to prepare the fuse for mounting the wings by securing the hard points.  In this case I am using  inch ply.Name: 3.jpg
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Description: I framed in  inch triangle stock to give a positive seat for the plywood platesName: 4.jpg
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Description: Fore and Aft plates in place with 30 minute epoxy

Since I used 30 minute epoxy to secure the mounting plates, it seemed logical to move on to something else while I waited for the glue to cure. I want to get the tank installed and the front lower chin block in place. Also with the forward hatch in place, will I have easy access to the fuel lines; or will I need to add a third line to facilitate fueling? The only way to tell is get the hatch to place with the engine installed and see what we have.

Name: 5.jpg
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Description: Engine installed to evaluate clearancesName: 6.jpg
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Description: I decided that there was room to cut a hole in hatch with out removing the front portion.  Hand drawn half templateName: 7.jpg
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Description: Template transferred to cardboard alignment flaps. Extra bumps added to accommodate exhaust header and intake pipeName: 8.jpg
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Description: Alignment of template to airplane
Name: 9.jpg
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Description: Then I transferred out line to hatch and roughed out the opening with a DremelName: 10.jpg
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Description: Initial hatch try in, almost 100% down.  Needs a little finessing to get it to place.  However it is dinner time!

I need to remove a little more material around intake pipe however it is becoming obvious that the needle valve assembly and fuel fill will both be un- accessible. I will give that some additional thought.
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