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Originally Posted by Flying Munkee View Post
Here is a quick first flight test of the OSD. I'd turn the volume down... for some reason it is blasting. I also aplogize for the sometimes shaky video, it was really windy/turbulent up there.

Not sure where the "ou" came from to the left of the los or the "V0" to the right of the directional arrow. Those both appeared after the latest update.

The arrow to home didn't always point in the right direction sometimes 90 degrees off.

With the exception of the above little problems, I think it works VERY well.
Thanks Dennis for all the hard work.

Next to add is RSSI, PPM, and barometer.
Thanks for sharing, great to see it "in-air".

When using the arrow you must remember, that it uses the planes movement relative to the ground, to determine the direction. In general, the faster you go, the more accurate it will be. But this shouldn't really be a problem, as long as you are above 10-20 km/h.
The problem in your flight and the arrow, seems to be the wind. The OSD will show the home-position relative to the movement of the plane - not the orientation. That means in very high winds, where the plane will driftsideways, it will actually show the home-position as being straight forward when you are moving towards home and not pointing towards home.

The letters you see on top of the display was the NTSC-problem I mentioned - but it should be fixed? Are you using version 0.10?'
It's only a cosmetic error (letters not deleted from boot-screen) but should off course be corrected.
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