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Today my Edge's number was up... It was the fifth flight of the day. Less than a minute into the flight all of sudden the Elev was not responding for a second, I yelled "oh oh I don't have Elevator", but I regained control and recovered from the loop it entered. I immediately initiated a left turn to come and land but half way through the turn it dived and the Elev didn't respond to recover.

When I retrieved the Plane I was expecting to see a disconnected/locked Elev servo but it was working perfectly fine. So did the Ailerons. The rudder was locked but it could be since the CF rod crashed into it. I don't think a locked rudder servo would have caused the crash anyway, so it probably happened post crash. Of course a locked/broken servo can overload the system and cause a brownout but I suspect it is less likely with a 10A BEC. So, I suspect it was a signal loss (but who knows there are so many variables). I was flying from a different location in the Field since a buddy was whining about having to land with Eastern wind in the usual spot (and of course he showed up only 5 mins before I left). Our field is notorious for signal issues but it seems to be getting worse. In a sense I wish it was a Pilot error, as having to travel to a field 30mins away if those interference problems continue will suck.

It dived from about 70ft. I suspect the damage would have been worst if fail safe was not programmed on all channels. It may have escaped only with scratches if didn't hit exactly the top corner of a 3ft high cement base of a fence.

At 180 flights for the very first balsa frame, 3rd plane overall, and exactly a year of flying, I couldn't ask for more.

I wanted to order another right now, but I don't see the Orange one anywhere in stock (even at valleyview). I haven't decided if I want a blue one yet. If anyone knows of an Orange one in stock anywhere pls let me know.

I am sure most of you repaired worst. Being a first balsa repair I will need to read up a little here on techniques etc'. Stay tuned for the damage photos.

Here are some "before" pics first. The buddy with the pics actually brought them to the field today (interesting timing). Most of them are blurry (even the hovering ones?!) so here those that are somewhat presentable.
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