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okay.... well got some stuff done today, the wings are all ready , this version will have 3/4 oz glass cloth with West epoxy and then primed and painted.. I'm thinking most will go with a monokote wing for additional weight savings... so in to keep the epoxy "soak" down i sealed the wings with min wax sanding sealer, I do this also when sheeting foam wings with either epoxy or the poly based glues. The wings hanging up drying right now.

I did a check of the payload mound and battery mount and all is good there, photo to be added.... As a kit version the builder will have the choice of how to make a mount for all the fun stuff. My mount is made of honeycomb nomex/fiberglass light weight but $$$

I also worked on the tail boom and cut the slot for the stab this prototype will have a glassed foam stab with a live hinge on it from another version we flew. The production version I have not decided on what is to be done, and it may be a option that you the customer can add....

The horizontal stab has been glued in place, now the add the vertical and then glue the boom into the pod....we have already been working on some new ideas for their where maybe the boom will slide into a sleeve/fitting on the pod.

The nose will be hinged on the top to open up and slide the try out for battery and payload change, the camera will either be in the nose or out on the wing, still looking at this.

The goal is 1+ hour of flight time ! and be able to cover a large distance or keep in orbit at a point for extended times.

I hope to get the wings glassed this week, some of the other small stuff.

As always the end user could always make access thru the side of the pod to get to gear, my feeling to this you either have to stand the plane up on the wing or have some sort of stand,with nose access it just flips up onto the wing for easy access..

The wing has been mounted to the podnow, and 1/4x20 nylon bolts will be used into T nuts.

pics added.
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