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Originally Posted by RW9UAO View Post
some good, some not good news. here is dsmX receiver from orange 6 channel. source not full.
realised: dsmX bind, receive, auto resync, some telemetry (like RSSI and packets lost), true 9 bit PWM channels out (no sum-PPM, have not enouth CPU time), fail-safe.
working in a pair, one receiver for 1-6 channel, second for 7-12 channels.
not using satellite, not using digi channel info out UART.
and now, ta-dam. they all does not work correctly. distance at full 100 mWt - 5 meters, at low power - 2 meters. i don`t know what happen. i change receiver, it work parallel with AR8000, TM1000. Spektrum modules work fine, i lost the signal.
i write code for dsmX transmitter. it work correct, AR8000 and TM1000 get a good signal. my receiver lost. RSSI is strong - 21-31. i put off wifi router, not better.
need some thinks.
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If I understand you correctly, you have hopping running stable as long as you are nearby ?
Strange thing, one of the few reasons I could think of would be: You are always one channel (or some fixed offset) away from tx ? Any chance of something like this ?
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