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Winch Controller Upgrade.

Well now that the winch line is taken care of it’s time to move on to the controller.
The stock controller's neutral point is SO small that it’s hard to find neutral. This is the reason what started all my issues in the first place.

So with a little bit of research I found that a lot of people were using brushed speed controllers. Well I just happened to have one in the parts box, so I removed the casing to reduce the size/foot print and also did some re-wiring.

The esc in its original form had the main battery leads and motor leads out the back along with the On/Off and RX lead on the side.

I removed the On/Off switch and soldered the pos/neg tabs together so the esc is permanently On.

Converting the ESC to Winch Controller.

First I removed the battery and motor leads.
Soldered a new blk/red lead from motor +/- esc output for connection to winch.
Soldered a replacement servo lead +/- wires to the esc battery input and the signal lead to the signal input of the receiver connection on the esc.

This had now turned the ESC into a winch controller powered by the servo lead connected to the esc. This is what I wanted since I am using an external BEC to deliver 7.4v to the receiver and 7.4v servos used for steering and 2spd tranny.

Wrapped the esc in latex glove (finger) just to prevent the Plasti Dip from going between the board and having to dip it more than once to get complete coverage. This also allows me to return the esc now turned winch controller back to its original form with minimal fuss of having to remove and clean the esc from the Plasti dip.
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