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Canopy Durability Liner

Canopy Durability Liner

This is a mod i have been using on my V450 for a few months now. It has been fairly successful and i have had at least 4 crashes with one of the treated canopies, and on another canopy that was treated, i also crashed twice on that one. The canopy usually holds together well enough you can CA it back into one piece and keep flying. For more info on my V450 canopy liners, and some of the results from the crashes. Take a look at my V450 build log.

The idea is very simple. I use a spray on "rubber" that coats the inside of the Walkera canopies. The rubber liner then absorbs any shock or vibration that might be sent though the canopy in a crash. Making it MUCH less likely to shatter from non canopy impacts. Also somewhat less likely of breaking or shattering on direct impacts, especially on the nose or side. It's not a perfect fix, but it does seem to make the canopy last though a few crashes, with minimal work to glue it back together. Give it a shot! Also keep in mind that the spray comes in colors too. So you could mask off the outside of the canopy and spray the outside instead/ too. Just keep in mind the more you coat, the heavier the canopy will become.

This is what i have been using to line the canopies with, you should be able to pick some up at your local hardware store:

This is what the inside of the canopies look like after being treated and drying for more than 24 hours:

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