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Wow!!! I love the pictures Steve. Thanks for posting them. I can't see the wing mount in the pictures and my only thought was with the E-lite the wing incidence was part of the angle of the fuselage so for slow flight you may want to keep this in mind, however if the glide test went well then you are good to go. Here is a google search on the subject
Also, In order to turn 60 inches of wing with power you'll need to play with how much rudder to dial in (or maybe even enlarge the rudder a bit) but you'll figure all that out. [edit] Or, even better, maybe just keep the power at a minimun (much like a sail plane) and not over power.

With all those planes you've built and you even cut out the original E-lite. I think you've been bitten by the RC scratchbuilt bug. Nothing wrong with that and $tree love's it as well.

Sorry I was out of touch yesterday. I went to a fly-in called the Frosty Dog Electric and we had a ball!!! Most fun I've had in the hobby for awhile. I'll post some pictures later but I was thinking about your project and how you were coming along. I see you were doing just fine!!!

Your E-lite 60 is looking great! I can't wait to hear about the test flight so head to the gym. Keep posting them pictures and we'll keep watching.

Thanks for building the E-lite 60 and sharing it with us.
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