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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Yeah, me too... but if it has to be a collet use the Hacker one
I prefer bolt ons too, in addition to being more secure, they wick heat away better too.

That said, I've never lost a collet since learning how to install them properly. Remember. It's the balance of wet and dry friction that secures the connection.

- The motor shaft must be clean (ensure you remove the oil that's present on all new motor shafts)
- The collet 5mm ID must be clean too. There is always oil in these too from the machining operation or packaging.
- The tapered cone must be lightly lubed or it can't push the collet ID onto the motor shaft with enough pressure
- The nut and threads must be lightly lubed also or the prop and outer cone will slip before there is enough tension.

I've seen some collets that have developed ridges on the tapers from over tightening. They never work once they start to look like that and need to be re lapped / replaced.
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