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hey A RDNEK , i love that name , funny but there are days around here that id take you up on the switch thing, ive got alot of projects going on right now here at home , i have the only house for miles with no sod in the yard,installed a bulkhead and the trachoe tore it up and now im getting used to not haveing to mow the grass, kinda nice and joel, i make it a habit never to argue with a rocket sciencetist, but i cant resist, when you say quote...if it made it to the brick...sorry but to me that means brick, your words not mine.please can we let this dog rest..also id like to clear the air about the term salt air. its true what you said about evap and salt, sodium chloride has a very low vapor pressure and will not evaporate or subline except at exceedingly high temputures, however, the action of wave or as i like to call it surf throws tiny droplets of salt water into the air, when the water evaporates it takes nano ( very teenie) scale particles of sodium chloride(salt but very teensie)in the air, carried by the wind dependant of speed and temp for miles(pretty far)or my house so durring high humid or fog conditions there are in fact trace par. tic.cle of sodium choride in the air...hence the term salt air. and now the cc, why we all are offer constructive advice and share a comon love for model avation.imo if you bring a plane to the market, offer a float kit, cut a air hole 3/4 of a inch away from the reciever(brick) and then have countless failures thats just (plane) PUN INTENDED stupid. ive been in this hobby since 1965, my father flew rc when test tubes lit up your hands and a controlled crash was the best you could hope for, to defend something because you sleep with it is just silly, is this a cute plane, do we like the way it looks and flys,heck yeah, but there is a issue with the boards, be it dissimilar metals, galvanic corrosion, or mabe the leadfree soder train wreck thats heading our way. dont know, dont care, if they get the bugs worked out , im all in, would buy another in a new york minute, but today mine went back for a full refund, gona miss the plane, just not the bs
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