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Originally Posted by Ohio AV8TOR View Post
What is the best way/or connectors to use to install banana plugs to the rack mount connectors of the PS. I have made 3 of these PS's and that was always the weak spot for me.
I use 4mm bullets and just wedge them between the rack mount connectors, not the small opening, that would be impossible, but between the two sets where there is a larger opening. I use plenty of solder and make sure it gets hot enough. I have a really nice temperature controlled soldering station which helps a lot! It takes practice but you can get it with time. I also make sure I get solder on all points that come in contact.

I put two bullets on each lead and put them slightly in a V shape so that you can plug in two chargers next to each other (if you butt the bullets up next to each other with no separation there is not enough space to plug a second charger in). I actually made a little jig that I use to make sure the V shape is the same each time. I'll attach a picture showing the jig...the one on the left has the bullets on it ready to solder onto the PSU. If you end up making a jig like mine, a word of caution, be careful not to leave the iron on too hot as to wet the solder holding the jig together and then your jig falls apart. And two, don't solder the male bullets into the females...I've done both . The 4mm female bullets have a little hole in them (not sure why???). I just make sure that little hole is facing out and then don't get any solder near it and I'm usually fine .

Oh, and I want to add...the way I made the jig was first I carefully got two females soldered onto the PSU without a jig just the way I want them. Then I plugged in two males, put a 5mm female across the top of them and held it in place with a helping hand (I think that's what it's called...that little thing you get from Radio Shack, eBay...that has the aligator clips to hold things in place while you solder) and soldered them in place that way being careful not to get any solder on the males where they are plugged into the female 4mm bullets. Then pull the males out and you have your jig.
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