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Pat Tritle 84" span P-3 Orion

Greetings all.

Well I have a number of Pat's designs in the close to cover stage so of course it is time to start another. I am always looking for somewhat obscure or rare aircraft to model and with the advent of reliable E power systems and batteries multi motor planes are now a snap. A few years back I built one of Pats' DC-6 designs done up as an Air Force C-118A Liftmaster. Not a complicated build and the final result flies great and looks fabulous in the air. Another modeler here on the EZone took Pat's DC-6 and enlarged it to an 80" span model with retracts and I have gone over that thread and ordered the cowls he made for it so I can do that one also. While discussing the design, it was noted that Pat had designed an 84" P-3 Orion a number of years back and had not built it. This peaked my interest and I contacted Pat, ordered a set of his preliminary drawings and ordered the short kit of parts that Charlie at Manzano Laser had available. I have had the items for 5 to 6 months now and have finally gotten started.

The plans that Pat has drawn up were done in 2008. The design is very similar in many respects to the DC-6 design only larger. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in this design review Pat's DC-6 design thread here in the scale forum. The plans are mostly completed, except Pat had not come up with a firm design for the nacelles, so I am on my own here!!! I have a few ideas I am fooling around with for the nacelles so they don't need to be done up right away.

The design as I noted is very similar in construction to the DC-6 only larger. The fuselage on this beast is about 92" long with the MAD Boom attached!!!! The fuselage is also fully sheeted unlike the DC-6 which was covered with film. Pat had not specified any power system and we have emailed about that. The current plan is to frame it up, get an estimated completed weight and then figure something out. My initial guess is a flying weight of 8 to 10 lbs so four 300 watt or so outrunners should work, most likely on 3S or 4S depending on Kv, prop etc. So power system TBD.

The design calls out some Robart pneumatic retracts but I am thinking of E flite electric retracts or maybe something from Hobby King. I need to look around and see what is available and affordable.

I have looked at a number of books on the P-3 and there are a lot of interesting schemes available. Depending on my level of motivation I am leaning towards doing one of the AEW&C birds with the rotodome on top that the Customs guys fly. If I don't do that I have a couple of other standard and interesting schemes for the basic P-3.

There are at present a couple of other gents who are either building one of these P-3's or who have purchased the plans and/or short kit from Pat and Charlie. So welcome aboard!!!

I started construction this past Tuesday and have the basic fuselage box completed and have started adding the formers to round out the shape. Did I mention this thing is long?? I have taken a number of photos and will post them in the next day or so as the construction proceeds.

So I hope all who like the P-3 will join in and watch and comment. I would welcome any suggestions from anyone to help with the nacelle design so if you have anything that might be of help please comment.

Thanks to Pat for coming up with an interesting design and to Charlie and Vicki for providing the cut parts.

Brian Allen

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