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Emax 2210/30 excavation

I bought this little Emax 2210/30 a while back for testing and an then an autopsy.The motors literature advertises it as machine wound I was curios as to the pros and cons of "machine winding". I first bench tested this motor and it squeaked buy meeting the advertised specs.
In a nut shell, 14T delta 3 strands 2mm/.008" (bare) .22/.009 1w/coating 64 and 3/8" long. Although one phase had a broken conductor near the center of the wind. No glue was used to secure the windings so the unwinding was a breeze. Although the lack of glue on the wires has visible consequences.

Previous reviews of this motor in it's 1400Kv form clearly indicated marketing license was used when creating the advertised specs. At $25.00 bucks a copy it wasn't a great value. .
The machine winding did a perfect turn count on each arm BUT there is allot of empty space on the stator.
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