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Just spent about an hour getting caught up on this thread. I am really glad to see that so many people have contributed to it.

I see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones. Seems like interest in the Formosas and the Warbirds has picked up.

Arnav - As I understand it, the "Snap Roll" is really a stall. I would guess that your Mosa 2 was not all that light to begin with and got heavier with repairs. As the weight creeps up, it very well might snap on a manuevre that it was able to perform before. If you are giving it a lot of sudden up elevator and doing very tight loops and turns, you will kill the airspeed quickly and drop below stall speed. Then she will snap over and dive and you won't be able to catch her until the airspeed picks back up.

If you are trying "harrier" landings you are probably coming in with lots of up elevator and running very close to stall speed - she would be very prone to a snap in that situation.

The Mosa is more of a pattern plane than a 3D plane. She is quick and agile, but not the best at really slow speeds and sudden decompression.

I think what the Mosa is best at is inverted flight and precision patterns. She is a great trainer for more advanced 3D planes since she has pretty large control surfaces and reacts quickly to control inputs.

Use her to learn flat turns, inverted eights. slow rolls ,knife edges and multiple consecutive rolls. But she is probably not going to be all that good at hard core 3D, and she will snap if you let the airspeed drop too much with too much sudden up elevator.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the "Welcome Back", Arnav
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