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Wow - where does time go! Doesn't seem like over a year has passed since I started work on the big one!

Anyway I have been tinkering with some of the more critical components to this build - namely the battery tray mover thingy. I've also been doing some old school CAD work using my trusty mark I program - mybrain. I think I am ready to start actually building something and with any luck a giant Blizzard will hit tonight meaning I will have an uninterrupted weekend to mess about.

The other good thing about taking so long is technology seems to be improving in leaps and bounds. I got one piece of this puzzle in the mail today - see pics below. While it wasn't critical, it will make the first test flights far less daunting allowing me to invest more time and money with less fear of loss.

The other thing I've got is much higher C batts. This hopefully allow more powerful but smaller motors allowing less overall weight to lift A few sets of broken electric retract guts round out the possibilities to tackle the bigger hurdles.

Posts may be slow and sporadic but I may pull this off one of these years soon
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