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The second half of the hor.stab went much smoother. I figured out to spray the Windex on the glass, lay my Monokote down, squeegy it with an old credit-card type thing.. then keep wiping the Windex until its all but dry, then the Monokote is adhered enough to lay the stencil on, and cut.

After each cut, I literally sharpened my X-acto with a small stone I've had for years for just such things.. its amazing what a few swipes of a stone does for a blade.. the blade didn't miss a beat.. everything cut perfectly. I'd also like to say the technique described in the above video worked perfectly, and its safe to say it would get much better with practice... but its a very worthy technique.. for sure.

So.. here's a few pics of the affect...

Now... what to do with the vert.stab/rudder?... I've got a few simple ideas..

I really don't want to do any more radical stuff here, as I've got other planes that need building too. At this rate, I'm sure I have enough to keep me busy for a looong time.. but I've enjoyed writing, taking pics.. all that stuff... and pictures really do these planes justice.. the pics always look better then the real thing... not much though.. but enough to definately make it worthwhile. . I'll be baaaack..
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