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Some of the basic tech info - some is evident, but I'll go through it for newbies (like me!)....

1. The props come off with the small phillips screw inside - look down from the top and you will see them. Always make sure you keep track of the props - which goes where!

2. The cheapo outside cover comes off the crossarms just by spreading the little slits with your fingers - this is on the UFO model. There may be a piece of tape holding one or two. It probably flies better outside without the outside cover as there is less windage.

3. If you need to remove the plastic bubble which protects the electronics, there are two small phillips screws (evident). Note that there are also two extra holes 90 degrees from these which are not used - these can be reamed out and screws or small bolts put in to help support cams, etc......

4. Two small phillips with built in washers (washer heads) hold the circuit board in.

5. Two small phillips screws hold the battery holder in.

6. The small white plastic gear which fits on the motor shaft can be pried off - it is friction fit.

7. The entire end assembly comes off of the arms by pressing together the small nub which comes through the arm and then pushing and working the end (landing gear complete with motor) off. It is much more evident how this is done when looking at the WHITE ends, because the black all blends together!

8. The carbon fiber arms are simply press-fit into the main body cross, so again just working them and pulling should do the job - of course, the motor wires run through it, so unless you are replacing the motors and wires, be very careful!

Hopefully that is some useful stuff - OH, I also replaced one of the motors today with an extra Hubsan X4 motor! I had to reverse the polarity, as it was the wrong motor type - but it actually works! At least so far.........
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