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first aerial vid

Spent some of my spare time after work constructively today

Fixed the 808 camera under my F45, flew a couple of batteries - was a bit on the windy side, but who cares - then came home, downloaded some video editing software and started trying to learn how to use it. Not going to win any prizes, but at least the music's good. My guitar playing wasn't too hot after a week or so either . Need to tilt the camera just a shade more to get the helis nose out of the frame as well, but that's all just trial and error .

Since it's the free version there's a watermark on the vid, but 8 helis within the last 2 months or so, plus spare parts, plus accessories has kind of eaten away at my "hobby budget" for the time being . No matter; it gives me something to practice on in the meantime - and I can try out various trial versions to see which I prefer - and once the coffers have been replenished I'll no doubt get a #16 808 and see about buying a licence for the software. Then the sky's the limit .

Most of the vid is hovering and gentle messing about, but the best bit right at the end somehow got missed. The camera was still recording audio for about the last 5 or 6 minutes, but the video footage just stuck on the one picture . Anybody else had this problem with the cheapo 808 cameras? If so, know if there's a fix for it, or do I just have to live with the possibility of it happening til I buy a better one?

Good weekend guys, and Happy Flying.

Fin's MJX F45 first aerial vid.wmv (6 min 27 sec)
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