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BobTopofTheWorld -
As I linked, there are pretty darn good voltmeters/alarms available now for helis, testing cells both individually and collectively, available at $2 to $5.
The really pressing electronic need (imo) at the moment is a more efficient and reliable brushed to BL converter for the tail rotor: consists of adapting the variable c. 2kHz PWM tail drive signal (check it on your scope, or my previous posts) to a standard (fixed prf) servo/ESC drive. I'm about half way through the project, but it's a lot longer since I taught/ earned a living in electronics, and maybe you could come up with a new approach/working solution a bit quicker.
This need arises because every keen F45 owner can reasonably easily convert his main motor to BL (you should too, it's a vast improvement). But he'll still need a pile of spare tail rotors and/or gears, as they will fail - often unpredictably - between every 30 and 80 flights. Sounds a lot, but at 5 flights a day a motor will only last a week or so.
The only commercial product AFIK (even modified) is increasingly unavailable, and not altogether ideal. So a definite need IS there.
And I'll not be able to devote much time to it when I restart full time work next week (PC repairs these days). So, if you were looking for a challenge...!
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