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310mph Kolibri T25 Swist
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Feibao 1/9.5 Eurofighter Typhoon 2x Kolibri T25

I post my thread from RCU here too, the first couple of posts are spread over some time, so it might seem a bit strange when they are posted in line, but here goes...

I bought one of the new(?!) Feibao Eurofighters at the Feibao stand at Jetpower 2012. It's approx scale 1/9.5 which makes is 1650mm long and 1200mm wingspan. It's also the Sportswagon version(2 seater) which I think looks better and I like the idea of more fuselage area for knifedge flying. It's advertised for EDF, either twin 90mm units or one 110mm unit such as Schubeler HST77 or Vasa 14blade 110mm. It can also be equipped with a 6kg thrust turbine.

However those setups tend to get too heavy for my taste so I choose another path going with twin Lambert Kolibri T25 engines. I will try to explain why in this thread.

This airplane seem pretty new under the sun and I have not found many flying. There are one present with a Vasa 110mm EDF, AUW 7000grams.(Demoed at jetpower) Another one with twin 90mm units are weighing in just under 6000grams. Looking around I also came across the red leader Eurofighter, but it's smaller and not really good to compare with. Another one is the Grumania 1/10 Eurofighter in simular size advertised at 7500grams fuled up with a single 6kg thrust turbine. That would make about 6500grams dry... I think I can beat that too.

The way it should work are that a single larger engine would be much lighter for the same thrust, however when reading the figures in the RCJI turbine test issue you find that a Jetcat P60(which for many is the obvious 6kg thrust choice) weights 870grams and provides 5800grams of thrust. In the Eurofighter it would need a bifurcated pipe which atleast do not increase the thrust, probably rather shave some of. The installed weight with 5mins of fuel are 2700grams according to RCJI.

The Lambert Kolibri T25 is a little power house for sure. For the twin T25's we are looking at a combined engine weight of just over 500grams and a thrust figure about the same as the P60. The dual engines will not need a bifurcated pipe. They will infact not need any pipe at all if I can manage the CG with them mounted in the rear which of course means the full thrust will be kept.

Now by chooseing compontents with care I think I can set this one up with a full house includeing gyro stabilisation and breaks alot lighter then what we see with EDF or single turbine.

The Eurofighter Sportswagon right out of the box, 2100grams.

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