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Originally Posted by JPY123 View Post
Hi, I have a question with the 33 inch P51 I hope somebody here have an idea. I'm planning to reduce its weight in the tail section by bringing forward the rudder and elevator servos, increase the dihedral, and fit it with lighter motor and battery to more or else balance it. My question is, will it be more suitable as a trainer with the modification since I'm not yet comfortable with 4 channel. I can fly a Champ but I'm quite intimidated with the P51 bacause of the weight and size, compare to champ.

I used this one as my 4ch trainer and it has the scars to prove it! but if you are determined to make it yours( I have succeeded although not a pro) dial everything down start with a light 500MaH 3s this battery has enough juice for about 3-5 minutes and trust me you will need 15 minutes after that to settle back down!

Have someone test fly it for you. The EPP will take a hit and keep on trucking, it sounds like you have the skills to repair, one note though, the front section around the batt area and ESC is weak and thats what will take the most abuse, so if you can re-enforce it with whatever it will help, one more thing make sure you are rock solid on 3 ch before stepping up, and as always a sim is your best friend. As far as the hand launch issues, that was my major downfall I kept trying to throw it parellel to the ground, don't do that, toss it with a an upward motion, I learned that the hard way
good luck
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