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Originally Posted by flyzguy View Post
....The wind was basically 0, with prevailing winds from behind the slope (reason I did not fly my hang glider) and thermal flow UP the slope in cycles....
Like John I was thinking that it was a bit of slope lift too. But given this last bit it sure sounds like it was a thermal thing....

As for losing a paper glider and other things? Well there's thermals and then there are THERMALS ! ! ! ! I've lost two models over the years that were in DT mode that went OOS out overhead and downwind simply because the thermals were so strong that the sink rate during DT mode wasn't strong enough to even make much of a difference. So hearing that someone lost a plastic soldier guy on a home made parachute isn't out of the question at all. But it still makes the ol' lower jaw sag to see it happen....

Mind you a good flying paper model should be able to hook a normal thermal and fly away. The trick is getting them to launch high enough to get out of the ground clutter turbulence and up into the capture zone. That would typically suggest that it needs to get up around 12 to 15 feet where it can get sucked up. Once it's on it's way the hard work is done and you can sit back and watch.... assuming it doesn't get spit out the side...
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