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My First Crash, All My Fault :(

I was so eager to fly my T-28 today that I ignored my better judgement against flying in the wind. There were moments of 100% calm, then sporadic gusts up to 15mph. I waited for a calm and it lasted several minutes so I decided to takeoff. Of course, as soon as I got in the air, the wind picked up, and it was a life or death attempt to land safely for several minutes. I never made it I came in low and slow into the wind and at about 10' of elevation with a slight breeze east to west, I caught a little gust from the north which cause my left wing to dip, I lost elevation immediately and nosed in pretty hard.

Here's my question... Fix it, or replace the entire fuse? The problem is, I got this plane from the guy who taught me to fly, and this was his first plane. Part of me feels like replacing the fuse would be doing him wrong.

Anybody have a source for a GREY fuselage? And if I go the "fix it" route, would it be wise, considering the access I now have, to insert some CF rods lengthwise into the fuselage up to the nose to strengthen it?
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