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Originally Posted by Ed Couch View Post
Same song and dance. Show the folks some of your vehicles that you are flying with hydrogen on board. I would be interested is seeing how you do things and handle the material to make a 10 to 30 foot vehicle fly indoors or out it makes no difference. There is a old saying in my neck of the woods that says "put up or shut up". Its time to drop the subject as a waste of time before someone is seriously hurt. Check the attached from another discussion, damn it did go boom. ed

Ed, it's been stated in this thread alone no less than four times that it takes OXYGEN in combination with hydrogen to create an explosion risk, yet you refuse to let this basic fact sink in and instead post a video that even clearly states in the title that the balloon is filled with a mixture of hydrogen AND oxygen-- as if this was representative of what could happen with a bag filled only with hydrogen.

Your voluntary ignorance of basic chemistry is no reason for everyone else to abandon all consideration of using hydrogen. If I had an RC blimp and a source of pure hydrogen I would certainly use it, but I have neither at the moment. But even if I did, it would not prove anything. If you want video proof, then watch the video that powerblimp posted which shows a bag of pure hydrogen being ignited, as opposed to the misleading video you posted yourself.

Note that pure oxygen is also a very reactive gas that is very flammable and can even spontaneously ignite if it comes into contact with certain types of hydrocarbons, yet people safely use it all the time for welding, scuba diving, aviation etc. Acetylene/oxygen is a more explosive mixture that burns at a hotter temperature than even the hydrogen/oxygen mixture and yet it gets used by the general public every day for welding. Risk only requires precautions, not blind fear and irrational abandonment.
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