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Maiden flight - a tentative success

Conditions were light with a swirling 2-3mph dying down to almost nothing towards the end of the test.

First flight was very tail heavy - so much so Simon on 'camera 1' (the only camera) couldn't follow it. Managed to set it down gently and added about 6g to the nose. There is room to shift the ESC, Rx and battery forward by up to 8mm so this should reduce the dead weight required in the production model. Some thrust angle adjustment too, down.

With the nose now weighted the Hawk took off fairly gently with a spot of rudder input and up elevator as I'd applied too much thrust angle adjustment

It was responsive to all inputs and needed a few clicks down on elevator (nose still a bit light) in trim. Very tame stall characteristics and floats around nicely.

There are several design changes required though.

The fixed undercarriage needs to be beefed up. The Depron leg fairing that sits over the leg wire, creased where it joined the fuselage and eventually collapsed after several nose over landings so the undercarriage was no longer stiff. A combination of lightened ply with the existing wire should do the trick. The ply will then be covered in the sticker material.

The ailerons need to have a larger throw. They are a little lack-luster in performance and the only time I could roll the aircraft was when I'd taken the failed undercarriage off. However I had my suspicions that this would be the case and it's just a matter of increasing the length of the control arm in the lower wing and maybe a small adjustment in the attachment point of the control strut on the aileron itself towards the hinge.

The wing incidence relative to each other also need to be slightly closer, within 1-2 degrees. I was able to adjust it in the field and the closer to equal they got the better the aircraft behaved.

I'm also thinking of dropping the scale to 1/22nd to increase power to weight which should make it more aerobatic. It loops reasonably but it's not big. And the COG should be easier to achieve without ballast at that scale.

Video rendering at the moment. Will pop it up to Youtube shortly and post.

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