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I really recommend finding out which settings on your particular iron work with your particular film in your particular situation. I'm very much a beginner myself, but doing a bit of experimenting before covering made the actual covering that much better. I've covered with a film called so-lite, it's got very good instructions that come with it that explains three (useful) different temperature ranges in which it behaves differently. I found out by experiment exactly where those were on my iron and made a few marks on the adjustment knob so I can readjust it with ease.

In the case of so-lite, the first temp range will make it stick, but will peel off easily without leaving marks on wood, it won't cause any shrinkage.
The second range will cause minor shrinkage and will leave some of the glue layer stuck to the wood when peeled off, adhesion noticably better than from the lower temperature.
The third range will cause strong shrinkage, but will leave even the color-layer stuck on the wood, can't be used on sheeted wood because it shrinks too much and the color layer gets damaged, and almost melts. It is useful to get big sections of open wing stretched tight enough though.
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