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Tarot ZYX Software running Windows 8 RTM using Tarot USB to RS232 PL2302 Dongle

I put up a post yesterday about the findings I had with my initial go at getting this working under win8…..most of it was in the right direction but I have spent countless hours testing this and getting it to work so most of what I wrote is now disproved.

Background – Prolific have some info on their website about the PL-2303HX chip which they claim is old and superseded and their latest drivers will not work with windows 8. Seems they have done this on purpose as they obviously had a problem with clone or counterfeit chips circulating in China so there is no win8 support.

Second problem is that Win8 RTM Kernel will not allow you to install unsigned drivers, this is done on purpose and it a security thing. Being a Network Engineer myself I’ve seen countless nasty drivers installed on Win7 machines that are not signed. They can play havoc with power schemes and cause general system issues.

As I knew there were others that have this working in WIN8 I wasn’t going to let it beat me so here is what I had to do on my WIN8 installation to get it working

Firstly you need to deal with allowing win8 to install unsigned drivers. This can be done a couple of ways but I found the command line option was the best. You’ll need to open a command prompt with elevated privs (You can do this by moving to lower left of your screen and right click when the start button pops up) and issue these commands on a separate line with CR after each:

bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON

You can undo this by reverting to normal using these commands:

bcdedit -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF

Next we need to deal with the local user group policy setting regarding Driver installations.
From your Metro search, type in gpedit.msc and run the Group Policy Editor.
Find the following path:

User Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Driver Installation | Code signing for device drivers

Set the policy to Disabled and restart your PC or run gpupdate /force at an elevated command prompt.

The latest drivers from the prolific website will not work at all. The drivers that are installed with the Tarot software have been proven to work by some people but I cannot get them to work and I cannot replicate every sequence of installing them so I gave up on them.

I’ve managed to get my hands on the Vista PL-2032 drivers for both 32 and 64bit which work under WIN7 and WIN8. These are not signed either which is why we did step one.

You can download these drivers from my site also using this link:

Without the dongle plugged in:

Unzip PL-2303-WIN8 into a folder, then right click on the “ser2pl.inf” file and then say install.
You should get a message saying the install was completed.

Plug in the dongle
At this point you should be up and running with your device manager looking like this:

If you have installed the ZYXUSBDriver.exe that came with the tarot software you'll find that even though you have installed the above driver, it will keep wanting to load the newer one when you plug the dongle in. You need to remove all traces of the ser2pl64.sys (dated 26/7/2012) driver from your system. Do the following:

- Uninstall the driver package from programs in control panel
- delete the ser2pl64.sys driver file from c:\windows\system32\drivers
- delete the ser2pl64.sys driver from c:\windows\lastgood\system32\drivers

There is a utility that comes with the latest drivers from the Prolific website that will identify what chipset you have. You can Download a copy from here and use it on WIN7 or XP to check your chip version:

PL2303 Chip Version.exe

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