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When move your rotor to the left side... u need to double confirm all the linkages (tail) and the direction the tail needed to push/pull.

For tail controlling using flexible cable, it is best to make the controlling in such a way that, to turn the tail (control) to the left (or head turn to right), your tail servo suppose to be pulling the flexible cable. (This is because your main rotor is spinning at CW...based on the picture u post and the position u put the main blades, I assume it is spinning CW).

By sticking to the position of tail servo pulling it to have control of the tail, u adjust the tail linkages (or maybe flipping the tail blade holder) till u get the correct control.

As for tail should spin CW or CCW.... it does not matter. It is all up to you. For belt driven heli, it is easier to change the tail rotor spinning in either CW or CCW.. but make sure your tail linkages are all correct and it has enough pitch for both side controlling.

In a real Apache helicopter, main rotor spin at CCW rotation and tail on the left side, spinning upward. But it is up to you on how scale u want it to be.
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