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Fitted the securing pin to hold the engine hatch. I use some 1.6mm dia stainless welding rod that I bought some years ago. The principle is that the pin runs through the front former and then the hatch before exiting into the rear former. It is impossible to line up a long pin like this without a guide and I use 3mm Festo pipe.

I start by drilling the front former and the front former of the hatch all in one pass. I drill an exit hole at the rear former of the hatch at roughly the same position as it passes through the front one. Both holes are opened out to 3mm and the Festo pipe is passed though them both. This pipe needs supporting and I fit a strip of balsa between the outer part of the hatch and the Festo pipe. I glue the ends of the pipe with some epoxy and use fine plastic particles and Cyano to secure the Festo to the balsa. The ends are trimmed off and with the hatch in place the pin is pushed through and with a pointed end marks the rear position on the rear former. This cane be drilled by hand with a small chuck. this makes a very light and very secure way to fix hatches so they are hidden.

The holes were deliberately made off centre to avoid the top centre where there is a cut out for a spar.

I also had another look at the ply finish and tried painting a thin coat with the brush. This seems to have improved things a bit and I will add some more coats.
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