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Update - please help me troubleshoot...

OK - I finally got it off the ground (weather has been horrible here for park flying)... I think I need some advice. I flew my other planes to prove that I AM capable of flying... but flying this plane is still like putting socks on a rooster.

Please let me know what to try next.

OK - here is what happens...

Takeoff roll was short and sweet and up it went - I was happy for about 5 seconds. It then started to pitch up then stall out once i hit full throttle at about 15 feet. I couldn't get it to trim fast enough to feel comfortable so I brought it down and landed it.

I then trimmed it a bit on the ground in anticipation - took off again and still at 3/4 throttle it wanted to go nose high - I let it get more altitude and tried to go straight out. I made a slight left bank and it wanted to snap-roll and spiral - so I eased up on the controls. The remainder of the flight was like a rodeo bull ride. Battling between the planes desire to porpoise and spiral down.

There was no gentle bank - there was no straight and level. Finally made a death roll and nose dive into the dirt. Lost another prop and the motor mount seems loose.

What I know -- the control surfaces are in the middle hole and the TX is set up right. I THINK the CG is correct based on what I found online (fingers at the fattest part of the wing - about an inch back from the leading edge, plane upside down balancing) - does it need more nose weight? What else could make it so un-responsive to correction and hard to fly?

I flew my micro park flyer for another 20 minutes, that made it all better. I really want to get this bird flying!!!!! What am I doing wrong??????
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