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TACTIC 6 channel transmitter part # TTX600

Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post
Don if you would, please keep us posted on your findings with the Tactic 'AnyLink' setup. (I presume that's what you're using -- are you?) I've noticed a particular trait mine seems to be afflicted with & I'm in a kinda long-way-round series of elimination steps trying to nail down the exact cause. I started a thread some while ago for others who experience problems to report them, so's to accompany my findings to Tactic when I'm done with my research. My 'glitch' (at least the one I've verified) has to do with sporadically losing signal to the motor, if that'll ring any bells. It's happened now with different AnyLink Rx's on 2 separate Corvalis airframes, as well as an Rx-R Calypso.
I don't have the AnyLink but was using the TTX600 tx that came with the RTF Corvalis. I took the plane up higher than usual because I was using the parking lot instead of the 7' runway at the park. I knew the front wheel was a temporary fix so wanted all the space I could use for TOFF and Lndgs. Some trees are nearby so up I went higher than usual to clear them. Once at altitude I could hear the motor spinning up and cutting off. I had to let it down by cutting throttle and it settled into a tree with minor damage. I went home for a ladder and rake and a measuring wheel. Before the flight I did a range check out to 200' and it was good. That was the length of the one parking lot. After the crash I measured the lot, 200', and then did a range check from there across the entrance and into the next lot. It started with intermittent signals from 200 out to 235'. At 240' there was no signal. My girlfriend verified this as I moved the sticks.

I was thinking about getting the free AnyLink with a Tx ready plane next and using the Tactic 6ch or the AnyLink that came free (TowerHobbies) with some of them before the holidays. That sale is gone now. But after this last crash I doubt I'll be using the Tactic on anything that I fly out to any range. I'll be buying a Rx ready plane or helo and using my DX6i with a compatible rx. I'll keep you informed once I get the HK wheels and mouning kits setup. But I don't think I'll fly in cold weather again, at least not the Corvalis.
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