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...and 165mm is about the center of the aileron wire entry hole in the fuselage which Odysis had mentioned as well. Lots of very interesting theoretical conversation but really the proof is in how if flies. It's very tempting to fly nose heavy as the plane will be more stable but once one actually flies a well balanced model and experiences flight at the "sweet spot" there's no going back.

I've, for a long time now, been doing this with my prop warbirds as a matter of course but for some reason not with my EDF's. Perhaps because early on they didn't feel adequately powerful I unknowingly flew them noseheavy which in the case of an underpowered model is somewhat self defeating. In any event one day while flying my Sapac Eurofighter after not having flown it for some time I noticed that it was flying so much better. It wasn't dropping the nose in the turns. It was maintaining high alpha better and I could slow it way down wiyhout it falling off. I realizex that I'd pushed the battery back much further than ever before. Transformed the plane.
CarreraGTSCS is online now Find More Posts by CarreraGTSCS
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