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a couple of notes on RX3S usage:

1. if you change the dip switches, you need to power cycle the device for the code to read in the new switch configurations. so, it's better to power off the device, flip the switches, then power it back on.

2. the VR pots can be adjusted with the power on. 7 oclock = max gain in one direction, 12 oclock = zero gain, 5 oclock = max gain in opposite direction.

3. on powering up the device, the code will perform a series of calibrations (total about 2-3 secs) and the led will flash accordingly.
- in the first phase, the code will perform a gyro calibration (led flashes at moderate rate). the gyro needs to be still for around 1 second.
- in the second phase, the code will perform a stick calibration (led flashes at fast rate). the sticks need to be still and at their neutral positions for around 1 second.

4. subsequently, the led will flash at a slow rate to reflect the mix mode (1=normal, 2=delta, 3=vtail). there is currently one other error code flash as well.
- 5 short flashes = gyro init error (terminal, code will not proceed)
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