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Yeah, doing these things with glass and moulds etc, would be a far nicer/lighter AND stronger (hmmm, well at least easily strong enough) manner of adding things.
Too hard for me though!! (Well it sounds like it is hard enough to do!)

LEF's on a mix..... I haven't decided what to do with those yet!!
First is to just see WHAT they even do! By just manual Pot control.... at a safe height! lol
It will need quite a number of tests, of surface interactions, speeds, AoA's, too. eg flaperons on/off and varied angles etc. THEN onto predicting optimal interactions for their combined total uses/results, and mixing and testing those then. (most likely only flaperon/LEF, and likely NOT a good idea to have a throttle mix in there at all.)

But my VERY FIRST mission is STOL !! So it even gets airborne in my 22m !!
"Take-off flaps" helped my F-16 to just make it, so Flaperons might be the go for the Su - but the F-16 doesn't really seem to have any rotation issue like the Su (and F-22), so its task was an easier one anyway.
I will assess a total grass take-off process on the actual day, seeing they mow the ovals every week.

As for airbrake pitch effects..... that was one consideration I was assessing as weight for the side of fitting it more rearwards. I figured they would very likely place it to have either no pitch effect, or rather at least a pitch up than down effect. Thus my 'operational effects' weighting over-rode the 'easier to do' weighting.

Being X amount high when deployed, at the angle it is, I would guess its 'static' force vector is maybe halfway down its 'fuselage opening length'.. PLUS a bit more due to air deflection angles off it. So maybe 3/5 to 4/5 down its length rather than 1/2 way.
Thus getting close to CofG area.....
As it deploys more, it physically 'moves forwards' effectively... but I think the airflow resultant would keep the actual vector in a similar position for any airbrake angle anyway. (bound to be at least some movement of it, but not as large as you might think if you only went by the physical position change of it)
And.... another thing to test at a safe height first! hehe

Plus I might be forced into using different batteries, or a battery position mod, to get things all balanced out. Or at worst..... ADD LEAD!!! (at the rear end) I would hate to have to do that.....
I would just throw in a set of Lander 10 bladers instead then!!! Heavier.. down the rear.... and more power too.
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