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Originally Posted by Chad Veich View Post
Yeah, that's what I meant.

On a side note, I've had the very distinct pleasure of seeing Mr. Bagley's P-63 perform (when it was owned by Frank Borman) as well as that of the late Bob Pond. For me it represents everything a fighter plane should look and sound like, simply awesome. It also just happens to have a great deal going for it as a model. Good nose and tail moments, lots of wing area, big tail surfaces, and a training wheel up front. If it weren't for that skinny nose it would be a near perfect candidate for a scale model. I vote that John's next super scale electric should be a Kingcobra! Anybody else want to assist me in my attempts to persuade/entice/bribe/threaten him into capitulating?

You are exactly right Chad. I built a P-39 several years ago just when brushless motors started coming into the model realm. It is a just a great flier. Has perfect moments and proportions. Ws is about 50" so it's a nice size model. It has a Mega motor and Mega gearbox, runs so quiet that if it's at 100' you can hardly hear it.
You've got me thinking but my next build after the F-16 will be Mr. Palmer's F7F Tigercat at 83" ws. Then maybe another big 39?

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