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Originally Posted by Knoll53 View Post
Some how Lothar is able to build then stain with good results.....I don't know how he does it. Maybe it's trick photography...
No Kent,

it's not tricky photography, its just good luck

Difficult to explain in english, but I try: First of all, I always have a wet piece of whool cloth beside my workbench to clean evrything from whit glue as soon as possible. So the possibility to get points withe glue on the surface is very small. When the glue is hardened, I don't grind to much, I use a cabinet scraper to remove rests of glue. This works great.

I don't use real stain. I use what we call a "Lasur" in german. May be the translation is "glaze" or " scumble" The product I use is this:

By the way, as darker the Lasur is (f.E. dark oak) as more difficult is the process to get a uniformly coloured surface. That's why I prefer this beech-tree colour.

After this I put the silk on the plane . And after working with dope, I put some varnish for stairs on the whole wing. This makes a perfect wooden finish.

I hope my explanations could help a bit.

By the way, it took me about 3 wings, until I was happy with my result and I am sure, If I restart building plywood wings, It akes me another wing until I am again happy with my result. It needs a bit training.


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