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[QUOTE]got a question?
I have attempted to fix the blade 450 3d rudder a few times with the dx6i I had changed the tail servo and the fellow at the hobbyshop sold a trex 450 part instead of the stock servo i changed it out to this servo but now i have replaced that servo with the stock servo again. my husband had a major wreck with this heli since I put it back together I have put new metal blade grips, tail boom casting and tail servo holders, new servos I recentered them set the 10 degrees on the blade pitch, I believe I have all of the front done up the right way but now the rudder is not doing what I want it to do without the heli on and hooked up to the servo the suspension arm is straight and not binded and will move freely when I turn the heli on I had the rudder centered but it was still not acting right. Now when I go right on the rudder channel it seems to move fine but when I go left it goes realllllly slow. It is moving in the right direction so I know it is not back words. One of the heli guys at the hobby store moved the tra adj on the gyro I have no idea what to do at this point. I have the dx6i settings close to what the Manuel is but It still won't work. Got any ideas.

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For Dx6i, any gyro setting above 50% it is head holding (HH) mode and for any setting below 50% is rate mode.

For rate mode, a gyro apply correction as the heli nose is drifting away from the desired direction. If the heli stops drifting, it will stop applying the correction. Say, heli is flying north and subject to side East wind, nose will begin drift to east and gyro correction apply. If drift stop, and gyro apply no more correctiona nd heli nose may be pointing somewhere north-east.

For HH mode,if the heli is more off the desired heading, the more correction that is applied. For the case above, heli nose still point to north.

To bypass gyro, tail servo plug into rx rudder output directly.

Usually, hovering gyro setting is a bit different from normal flight. Most of users, like beginners use HH mode. I think blade 450 3d gyro setting for Dx6i is 73.5% for normal flight. c.f. manul p38 and try to adjust gyro setting while you hover.

Also, you may double check gyro is mount securely on the frame and if foam tape is loosen or broken not. Any small vibration will affect gyro. I know some people remount gyro and put second foam tape to dampen the vibration. Some of them even put a gyro metal plate/sheet in between foam tape to get of vibration. For late case, it's how I mount sensor for 600+ bird.

s.p. if you use double foam tape, you may need to re-adjust gyro setting.

Of course, you can also check for vibration and if the belt tension is OK or not.
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