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Originally Posted by arrowshooter View Post
OK. I think I will take your advise to try on the second helio. How do I hook up to the reciever and still keep the signal wire for the SC?

Very good i wish I had asked the same thing before i tried my first time with sparks before my eyes...huge scary sparks.

On the esc connector, there are three wires, signal(white), power(red) and ground(black)

Remove the red(middle) wire. insulate it...let it float like a dummy connection and ensure it does not short to anything else.

Once the above step is done you can connect the external BEC...the one with power.

Under no circumstance do not have both BEC's powered at the same time on the same will see fireworks as I did. In my case the BEC on the ESC will burn in melt as it did for me...leaving the external bec unharmed ...not sure why this is...maybe some sort of protection diode blocked all the current flush
tengarang is online now Find More Posts by tengarang
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