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Progress has been slow because I haven't had a whole lot of time to spare for building, but I've managed to build a hatch (held in place by 4 tiny magnets, one in each corner) and cover it. It's below the servos. I'm hoping I'll be able to mount the battery above the landing gear which would mean that's the only hatch I need. If I need to cram the battery further up the nose, I'll have to make a second one somewhere.

I've mounted the servos for the rudder and elevator, 90% done with pushrods for those too, as well as guide mounts for pushrods.

The nose cowl is nearly completed, all that's left is to glue the exhaust pipes to it, the mock cylinder heads with cooling shrouds are in place. The material for the shrouds isn't included in the kit, the instructions mention making it out of cardboard which I didn't agree with. Instead I found that the small disposable black plastic container that cole-slaw is served in at a burger place I often eat lunch at, was ideal as it was thin, didn't require painting and responded reasonably well to bending it to shape.

Landing gear is 100% completed. The yellow on the landing gear is not paint, it's from covering the 1mm kit balsa pieces in Solite film, my guess is that it gets at least twice as strong from being covered when it's that thin. Note how well the color of the covering film matches the TS16 spray can color. Thanks to someone here at rcg who posted this fact, for me to take advantage of!
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