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Originally Posted by seadog1967 View Post
I think this really sums it up for some of our posters in response to RTFM. Not everyone totally understands it for one reason or another hence the posting of questions on the forums. Some people really aren't good reading technical (even basic) things yet are great hands on learners. Sometimes threads get way to long and the search function is really limited. I've only been flying multi rotors for a few years and am not a really technical person. I did however help put together a manual online with another person to help new people setup and fly a particular Quad that was being sold a couple years ago. We did this on our own to help others when the seller didn't respond often for help. Then came the talk of Naza and I was in touch with them weekly (china) not US dealers. Finally I backed off from posting for my own reasons.
What I'm getting at is that I too read the manual in the beginning and some of the stuff didn't gel in my brain. I'm just your common working non college person trying to enjoy a hobby. Financially I can't afford to experiment with too systems but I will jump in an try what I can and share. I go against the rules a lot (how you should build etc.) but geesh sometimes it just works. So again there are many in this hobby that aren't technically orientated. They may need a little help. How many want to post they RTFM but can't understand it?? That shouldn't mean they can't have a quad/hexa etc. I think you guys are great for helping on here. We're dealing with a whole lot of different people with different abilities. It doesn't mean they're lazy or stupid.
No disagreements from me. Regardless of how experienced one may be or how educated, it's always good to ask a question if you don't understand what the manual, or what some other "experts" are talking about. Along those line, if I had a dime for every post or statement from a self proclaimed expert that was incorrect I could've retired a lot earlier. Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone in this forum.

I've got a bunch of school behind me and many years of experience in my field, but that doesn't make me any kind of an expert in any sense. The manuals are written poorly, and the search engines to find info within the forum postings are lame, at best. If I ever ask a question on any forum it's only because I can't find a reasonable answer, and I'm not always willing to test a very expensive piece of equipment without being firmly convinced I know exactly what's going on.

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