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I'll Give it a go on my limited knowledge.
but I think some of this has to do with wing tip efficiencies.
And possibly Tip vortices. the more sharp edges you have the more tip vortices you have. this is why models like the erwin has them funny little movable pieces between the aileron tip and fixed trailing edge.

In DS we like to keep the wing strong so your initial design is best. but maybe not most efficient while ailerons are not at neutral.

Drag is based not only on frontal area but plan form. you have reduced your plan form and therefor reduced you drag.

Also by keeping you aileron as the longest, you are also managing the air efficiency over the wing better.

My understanding is that the reason people go for elliptical wings is they don't have such strong tip vortices. and what you have done is going closer to elliptical than square.

Am am sure there are some in accuracies in what I have said. But its my understanding, and its a start point.

I think Avb is looking to the future where he has a cnc cut mould and not just vac bagged.

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