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David thanks for taking on the CD responsibilities for 2013!

As a 2012 noob cross country pilot I enjoyed the XC part of the NATS immensely. I earned my LSF 3 flying a gigantic one km goal and return, and then tacked on a few more miles after that…just barely missing that 10km Goal and Return by a few tenths of a mile using a beat up Pike. It was quite an education and the friendships forged were the best. Who the heck was flying that Windward on course last year?

I understood the rules when they were explained last year. It certainly was not rocket science (although I wonder), and if you have to really think about the math of there are a few turnaround points on the course and you can do this and that … versus go to the end of the course at 10km and turn around and fly back, well enough said there. There was a plethora of LSF 5 cross country’s done last year too (maybe they did not understand how the program worked of going to the end and coming back). There was a few people working on their second time through the LSF program on their Level 5. The program works!

Hats off to Skip! Trying to keep up with him was impossible. Besides having a nice car (missing a really good looking driver from some sports car company in my opinion), he was phenomenal - especially voiding his bladder with one hand and flying with the other...

I do not see a need for the introduction of new rules. Hopefully just a…Lets see cross the start line, go to the end at 10km and return to the starting line, cross that again and rinse and repeat in the time alotted. Not hard too understand. If you are flying your LSF tasks you can do those as part of the course anyway.

No GYROS is my vote. If you can’t fly your airplane with your Mark 1 eyeballs a gyro is not going to help you find a thermal, stay in it, sky out, and run down the course. Do you really need one? There was only a short 100 yard section of trees anyway to worry about, but the good pilots kept their planes over head in sight. Somebody beat into my head that if the airplane is trimmed propperly it almost seems to fly by itself a tad bit better (hmmm beat up Pike).

What is allowable and what is not is up to the CD regardless of the griefing community as opinions are abundant…I think.

Smile with me…

Wally by Golly
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