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Originally Posted by dav3uk View Post
A bit off topic but I know people on here use Nanotech lipos. I use 4 Imax B6 chargers and have a range of lipos from various manufacturers that all charge just fine.......BUT.....I have just this last week had 6x 3s 2200mah 35-70c Nano tech Turnigy lipos delivered for a B17 and they take forever to charge, one even timed out at 2 hrs and that had only got 834mah into it, I thought the Nanos were matched etc, etc. cant say I am impressed by them so far.......they work fine but take at least 50% longer to charge than even my Turnigy 2700mah blue standards.......anyone on her know why they are sooooooo long at charging

Originally Posted by BlinkguY View Post
geez. let me know.. i was planning to buy one right now 3300mah nano tech turnigy with 25-50 c.. and holding for an explanation for your issue now.. even 2 4s for my mentor.. let me know
Originally Posted by kalmon View Post
I can explain it. You get what you pay for! For the most part I only buy ThunderPower batteries for all my planes and Helis. They cost 3x as much but last 10x as long. They have a warranty and even if you crash and destroy the pack they'll sell you a replacement at 50% price. The Nanos work, but will usually fade sooner than any of the quality packs out there.

I have 3 Turnigy Nano 3300 40C lipos. They charge just fine within one hour's time. I too have the iMax Quatro B6 charger. Just check your manual and make sure you have your settings correct.

As for which lipo is good or bad, Thunder Power aren't any better or worse than a Turnigy, Skylipo, or Blue Lipo. I've been flying electric for 7 1/2 years and sadly my 2 Thunder Power 2250 3S 30C lipos crapped out long before any of my Skylipo & Blue Lipo brands did (So I guess my experience with TP is they cost 3x as much & DIE 10x sooner?). In fact I'm still running my Sky & Blue lipos today. BUT, I also had 2 Thunder Power 2100 15C 3S Pro lite lipos that lasted forever. I had both of them two years before I got my 2250 30C lipos, and still had them 2 years after the 2250's died (the 2250's lasted almost two years). Basically the entire time I've been flying electric, and just gave them away about 3 months ago.

Bottom line, everybody has their story and their "Ten Commandments" for flying. Do what works best for you.
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