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My first fpv ground station

I just finished the first iteration of my fpv ground station, to use with my LBFPV. I bought a Pelican case and used industrial strength velcro to mount all the stuff. The monitor I bought somewhere a couple of years ago for $30. It's a 10" 4X3 and it does blue screen. It's the guts for an lcd monitor, but it works great. The photos of the screen, don't do it justice.

I used a Pyle, 1in-4out video amp and an SD DVR. I connect the vrx video into the amp and then out to the other stuff. The DVR is set to record D1 at power up, no buttons to press. No bluescreen on that stuff. I have the monitor connected to the out of the DVR, so I can have a running timer for how long the video has been on. I don't fly using the monitor, as there is some delay in processing the video from the in to the out.

I also have a DC-DC power supply that takes 9-18V in and puts out 2.1A @ 12V, into a 5 way power harness. Everything powers from this source. I feed that with a 3S5A lipo, with alarm. I'll put an inline blade fuse holder, when it comes in, with a power on switch, so I don't have to connect/disconnect the deans connector every time. The current drain on the output of the dc-dc is 1.25A, with everything connected and powered up. I was able to remove a battery from the devo4 and connect it to the 12v, through the charging jack and it works great that way. No expensive batteries to buy now. This way, I power up the LBFPV, my fatsharks (powering from a 2S1A lipo, with alarm), then power up the station, and it's rocking, on record.

I have the vrx mounted to the camera plate of a tripod, and run up as high as it will go.

I'm now practicing with the LBFPV, flying with my fatsharks, in my house. I have lots of flight and fpv batteries, and chargers, so I can go almost without pause, racking up minutes of flight each cycle. This is so much fun ... and frustrating. Flying fpv is not an easy thing. Hovering while yawing, is quite difficult. I believe flying outside, in a more or less, forward direction, will be much easier. It is somewhat mentally taxing, keeping up the concentration to notice all the cues and correcting attitude in response. I take a 15 minute break between flights, to come down

Another problem I have right now, is I don't have a mic, so I have to fly purely by visual cues, which ain't easy. I've got a mic I could hook up, and may eventually. Hearing the whine of the motors would be helpful, I think.

Here is an example of the video I'm getting from the dvr. I'm still very new to fpv so you'll have to excuse my poor piloting.


Ladybird FPV 3rd (1 min 2 sec)

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