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Well had a bad couple of days. I made a big mistake in using a stain varnish. I was seduced by the marvellous finish that Kent achieved on his Manatee. I did a trial on a scrap piece of ply and thought the choice of the stain varnish was ok. I sensibly tried the bottom first and found that using a brush I produced streaks even with a brush that was lightly loaded. In the end I wiped the varnish on with a cloth in several very thin coats. Also I thought the surface was pretty good and was clean, but I did have some glue marks that I cleaned off that I was sure would not show. How wrong I was... it looks like it has measles in places. I thought I could make a better job on the upper surface but it too was very disappointing. Also I found it very difficult to sand or wire wool the surface as the ply is so weak. I almost reached the point where I wanted to scrap the plane. I left it today and thought about it and I will paint it. However the paint finish will probably not be that good either as it really needs a good rub down.

Anyway recently had the material to make the jet pipe so set to to make it today. Pleased to say that it all went well and I did not even blow any holes in the stainless. I had a spare spun intake ring from the ones I made for the Arado and used it. The material used for the tube is 0.10mm stainless steel.

I made a single wall tube, and will apply some BVM ceramic paint to the upper part of the fuselage to protect it from heat. This should be lighter than making the pipe double walled.

I use a home made spot welder that I made from a Dremel drill press. The coil is a powerful torroid one. The welder uses a digital timer and power surges are filtered/softened so the welder does not trip the switches in the house. Thought you might be interested to see the set up. Finally the completed pipe was persuaded into the fuselage.

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