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Originally Posted by wparsons View Post
Wow, nice personal threats... any more rules you want to break? Did you also notice I wasn't the first to flag it as spam? You being a keyboard warrior isn't going to help your credibility around here at all.

At the end of the day, this thread is all spam since it's solicited advertising for a product. If OMG wants to advertise on here, they need to purchase a vendor membership plain and simple. Them giving you products in exchange for a review to sell their product is the same as paying you to "review" them.

As for your "review" compared to the Futaba servo, I should hope it's faster considering it's rated as being twice as fast. How about some torque comparisons since the Futaba is rated for about 50% more torque than the OMG servo you have?

Any real quantitative comparisons like actual torque output on both servos, or time measured to see how both compare to how they're supposed to perform?

You're also comparing old tech (coreless motor) to new tech (brushless motor), how about comparing to an equivalent Futaba or Savox servo (this one maybe?

Your "review" is like saying my 15 year old stadium truck is better than a top of the line brand new touring car because it handles jumps better.
we don't want to compare with Futaba, because our quality is not so good as it.
But we will compare any SAVOX brushless servos, we are at the same qualtity!
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