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Originally Posted by Lmeano_from_MO View Post
Kevin/ John thanks for the tips. That will be the next task to get the foam in shape. It will be easy to slice the LE with the hot wire cutter also.

John, Iím looking forward to glassing the wings, what cloth weight do you recommend? I also realized that I will need the thin servos for the ailerons. This wing is thin out at the mid section. I'm thinking about layering a top skin of 3mm dapron on the foam coreís to thicken the entire wing. When I mentioned the carbon rod it was more for holding the wings on to the fuse structure. Here is the pic of what I was thinking with the carbon rod slipping into an aluminum tube glued into the wing.

Stuart, glad to see Iím not the only newbie here.

Hey Deuce, agree completely the Aurora is very user friendly and packed with features. Greg and I had to contact Futaba about a funny set up with the Thud that would have been a cinch with the Auror radio.

id use .75 oz. cloth and see if you can get some EZKote ...Brent is using this to glass Ron 101's F-18 super light and eazy to use no mixing .yeah your air foils are kinda different,did you draw them yourself? the top should be curved more and the thicker part further back .but i think these are the same as your 105 right ? so at least you know they work ,but it would fit servos better if the top curve was different.
AIR SALLY is online now Find More Posts by AIR SALLY
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