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As one who hates to see repetitive posts or questions that have been answered multiple times Im going to post fairly cautiously and say sorry in advance for those regulars in this thread.

I did start off googling the issue and came up with a few results. Hoping to further understand the problem and how I might be able to fix it I came to the logical place and found this thread. I never have had much success with the thread search tool and that didnt change this time, so once again, sorry if this question has been answered 1,000 times.

I decided to finally break and try my hand at getting into the multirotor world. I went with FliteTest Hquad plans which called for dt750's, but ended up getting 700's as the 750's were out of stock. Seeing as these motors are very similar I dont think my question will have any problem being answered here.

Anyway, like many others I seem to have messed up one of the 4 motors as it is much more stiff to turn than the other three. I had completed multiple test flights without issue and now cut the excess length off of my shafts. Before doing a post-op test flight I let the motors spin at low speed for a while just to check it out. Luckily for me a prop flew up then, rather than in flight a minute later. I tightened all the nuts down a bit more and put a drop of locktite on each. After re tightening the nuts I went back to fly and noticed one motor was very stiff.

I did some searching to find that I, like many others, had bent the motor bell by over tightening the nut with a prop directly pushed to the motor rather than another nut. I had hoped that simply loosening the overtightened nut a bit would undo the problem, but it seems the damage has been done.

The question now becomes what I can do to correct the problem from here. Mind you it doesnt seem to affect flight performance, but its one of those things that really bugs the crap out of my OCD side. Is the bell indeed bent and the motor ruined? could it be fixed by taking the motor apart and attempting to move the shaft up? First day with my quad in the air and it seems I may have taken it out of commission without even crashing!?

Hope there's hope for me! Thanks.
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