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List of Videos (Spoiler Alert)

SEAN'S VIDEOS - he has a couple of videos from our own club's activities going back 15-20 years ago. One is of the annual build and fly indoor contest
Seanand the other is of the club's night flight fun fly. Combined time for both is less that 10 minutes.

DLG AEROBATICS - Best F3K video:
F3K glider aerobatics (3 min 20 sec)

watch in HD, full screen with sound up.

Lego Man in Space (1 min 32 sec)
1.30 space flight, I think in weather balloon with time lapse photography.

Décavitator : le record du monde de Mark Drela (0 min 15 sec)
0:30, after all, its just a plane that flies underwater.

WINGSUIT BASE JUMPING - These guys wearing squirrel suits make slope soaring look like snail farming for the highly intelligent
Wingsuit Base Jumping (3 min 45 sec)
3.45 min.

NICK FROM EBAY DLG Opus f3k Launch
Opus f3k Launch Video World Championships (3 min 42 sec)
3:27, Air Force guy who is one of the highest throwers in the world. I guess the guy who builds the Opus wanted to see if Nick could break it...he did.

Fox@CastlePeak (1 min 54 sec)
1:30 min, Flying a little Fox from Windrider (HK). Never thought one can have that much fun with a foamy. Recommended if you're on the market for a small cheap good looking sloper.

MARK DRELA'S TED TALK 10/24/12 ON JET EFFICENCY 15:00 optional if time allows, interesting to view on your own.
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