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Hello everyone. I have watched and learned a lot from reading this thread. Thank you too every one.

I just want to put my stories/experience out there so maybe it will help someone.

I did a lot of experimental things. Like take a 11x7 slow fly GWS prop, take a tape mesure, and cut it down and not see if it was balenced. Put it on, go half throttle, watch it spinn, and say..."Looks good."

I was at a Hobby Town looking at rc trucks. Was wanting another thing to throw money at for some fun times. Then I started looking at the planes. Sounded fun. I bought one. A Cox Extra 300, very small. I told the owner of the store, I have never flown a rc plane. Said it was a good one.........MY A$$. It is probably fine for a good/experienced rc pilot. A couple of busted props, wings, and such, then I shelved it. Went to the same store. Talked with the same owner a lil', he seemed to know less about all of his product then me. So I grabed a Hobby Zone Firebird Commander. In my opinion, a joke. No wind, full throttle, I had to throw....not toss/launch, but throw it at a 45 degree up and about half of the time it would go, the other, it would just auguer into the ground. I read and adjusted everything before flying. It crashed once so hard that it ripped the motor and mount out of the plastic and into the engine/esc/mother board area. Well, I had to cut open the fuselage and redo it all. It had one last good crash and I was done.

Again, I mosey into Hobby Town again. Picked up the Gamma, and read the box. Sounded good. Went to where I fly, built it in the bed of my truck, and away I went. First flight, up she goes, turns left, I panic, pin it, and she crashes. Tail breaks off. I tape it and put it up again. I actually get a 30 second flight, then crash.

Ok, lets research how to do this. I jump online and find this site, stay up all night reading, and decide I need a simulator. I go to a different hobby shop and try the simulator. It was already on and ready and it was on a super cub. I take off and fly/land ok for a beginer first time. I am going to say this and might get flack, but, it is just my opinion. I dont think a simulator is always the way to go. I have taught 2 friends and 3 family members how to fly. I only had to grab the controller and save the plane once. Every lesson I have learned, in life, in racing, in the work place, has been the hard ones. I think when you crash your plane in real life and have to fix it yourself, you learn so so much more then you do on a simulator. Thank goodness parts are pretty cheap for the Gamma.

OK, I am ready to do this. Battery charged, check. Controller has new batteries, check. Plug in battery. Elevator, check. Rudder check. Blip the throttle and prop spins, check. I toss her up, full throttle and away she goes. She climbs fast, I pull throttle back to half, wobble left, then right, no left, now right.........then I get her straight and under control. This must be what crack is like............I AM FLYING AND LOVE IT. I am hooked.

I have found a way to fly almost every day since mid November. Sometimes a half day, sometimes one battery worth.

Some of the stuff I have done and experienced.

-I never had a problem with the stock battery/esc connectors for two of my three Gammas.

-Once you feel comfortable with the stock motor, GET THE BRUSHLESS and a 3s battery. It is so much better. Just because it is faster doesn't mean you have to be pinned all the time. Having it gives you the option to climb fast and start to test you limits/ability and fly faster and faster.

-CA gap glue and accelerator are your friend.

-Take what people say as advice, and not the only way. Use there experience/expertise as a guide. Find what works for you and have fun at it.

-From what I have read and seen, experienced, and observed at the flying parks, THE ARES 370 GAMMA IS THE BEST TRAINER. You can learn a lot and grow with it.

I have been thru three of these planes. The first one I ran the stock setup along time. Would just keep bending shafts, busting props, fix it, and do it all over. I crashed it a lot....rough landings....misjudge distance/orientation and into a tree I went........rough landings and rip off/out the battery/landing gear tray..........folded a already weak wing 100ft up and turned the plane into a lawn dart.........cut a couple of holes in the fuselage for my gopro. Its motor mount and front fuselage became weak and actually poped out the last crash.

The second one, a rfr, meet its demise per a faulty controler. I had lost control for a split second twice. I thought it was the battery/esc plugs. The third time was at dusk. I noticed the glow of the red and green light on the controler went out for a second or two, then flashed back on. Batteries in the controler, maybe, so I replaced them. The next day I was a little ways up, half throttle, lost it and BOOM!!!!!! Ripped of the whole front. The controler meet a hrash and swift demise as well right after.

The third one is anything but stock. Gws prop 10x6......E-flight Park 480 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 1020 Kv.......E-flight 30 amp esc....Spektrum AR600 reciever.........E-flight EFLRS75 servos handiling the rudder, elevator and ailerons. When I assemble the plane, every part on the tail area gets glue. I take out the cheap little rudder/steering wheel mount and bend one the exact same, but taller to accomodate a taller wheel. I rebend the stock landing gear to also accomodate taller wheels, both mods for grass/gravel/rough terain landings. I also remove some foam and cut and glue in a piece of hard wood to mount the nose to and to stiffen the front. Now a DX6i handles the controls.

Thats my Gamma and what I have done. Again, thanks for all the knowledge.
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